Training and Human Resources Development (English)

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Effective August 19, 2016 this course will no longer be available. Some of the content is out-of-date and since the course relies heavily on Adobe Flash technology, is not completely viewable on many smartphones and tablets. If you are interested in this topic, please visit for a listing of up-to-date courses offered by UCI’s Division of Continuing Education. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Acquire the information and experience you need to identify your organization's training and development needs and master the processes necessary to develop, implement and evaluate effective training programs. You will gain an understanding of your role and responsibilities as a trainer, as well as the practical hands- on knowledge needed to implement a successful program through lectures, classroom discussions, and developing and presenting an actual training session in class. This course is excellent for training and human resources specialists as well as operating managers with significant human resources development responsibilities.

UNEX Management Dept. | University Extension Sch. | University of California, Irvine
Keywords: OER,Design,Development,Delivery,Training,Leadership,Executive,Management,Supervisor,Analyzing Needs,Analyzing Settings
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