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Our collections are curated sets of instructional materials and videos from seminars, lecture series and classes. To view a collection, click on dropdown in the navigation bar or navigate below. Links to the source of a course, lecture or material take you typically to a department, institute, or center's website. Click on the title of the course, lecture or material to view it.

Current Collections

California, even in tough budget times, has many classroom vacancies in the fields of secondary mathematics and science. In conjuntion with the Hewlett Foundation and the Boeing Foundation, the University of California, Irvine has prepared, to date, five online resources to assist potential secondary math and science teachers to pass the qualifying exam. This collection of resources is listed below.

The Discover the Physical Sciences Breakfast Lecture Series features four lectures per year, most available as video through this collection since 2012.

UCI Extension has been a leader in California and nationally in providing training and support to gifted and talented programs during a time of significant budget constraints, including full elimination of funding for GATE programs from school district budgets. We are pleased to offer this large collection of seminars on how parents and teachers can integrate program elements of gifted and talented education, regardless of whether it is done in the whole class setting, as a pullout program, or via enrichment activities in the home. To stay abreast of new developments and being in touch with others in the community of GATE educators and parents, click here, create a new account. You will be redirected to the course and prompted for the enrollment key. Enter "gate_access" and welcome to the community site.

The INSIDE UCI series, offered in Summer Session 2010 as an element of the core course of the Freshman Start Summer Program: University Studies 83, introduced incoming students to the campus research environment and the myriad of learning opportunities available. The course is designed to provide a solid foundation to support academic and social success at the university. We hope that this glimpse into academic and campus life will be valuable to prospective UCI students and also serve as a general introduction for high school students looking for a window into college education.

OpenChem is first and foremost to extend the benefit that we have seen since 2009 from open and free publication of individual chemistry courses to an entire curriculum. What MIT did ten years ago with its OpenCourseWare initiative was to plant the idea of making quality educational resources universally accessible. The MOOCs have laudably extended this approach by providing instructional paths through individual courses at scale. What UCI hopes to do with this initiative is to present a coherent, full curriculum by a top faculty. Today, a learner can sit with us in our lecture halls and follow four years' worth of chemistry core classes and electives. That is the key innovation: making a full undergraduate education's worth of classes available for immediate incorporation in part or in full by institutions of higher education or by individual professors.

This collection was created for the Orange County Alliance for Community Health Research. It was supported by the UC Irvine Institute for Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS). Read more about the ICTS here.

Our most rapdily growing collection is in the area of public health. We are pleased to include the foundational course in public health, Public Health 200, as part of this collection. This collection also includes a series of lectures around global and local public health issues. Finally, we incorporate a talk from the School of Biological Sciences on the growing problem of vaccine hesitancy. The issues range from public health in war zones to homelessness in Orange County. For those interested in pursuing publich health undergraduate or graduate education, check http://publichealth.uci.edu.

This collection below is a small representation of UCI's growing strengths in the fields of sustainability, water resource management, public health (listed separately above), and alternative energy. We post here the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs Sustainability Seminar Series. University Extension's recently launched Sustainability Leadership Certificate is another example of the level of interest in this crucial topic at UCI.

In this collection, UCI Open features TED and TEDx talks given by UCI faculty, all of which are offered under the standard Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licenses, which permits redisplay under the usage policy of TED.com: http://www.ted.com/about/our-organization/our-policies-terms/ted-talks-usage-policy.

To use this collection best, we provide links by school and professor to each of the talks. However, the menu  at the top of the screen is actually a YouTube playlist. You can use this playlist menu -  Visual demonstration of playlist menu as an alternative to using links. - at the top and left of the video to get a full list of talks and immediately begin to play the one you select.

​Featured Speakers

Lisa Naugle
​Sheron Wray

Biological Sciences
Francisco Ayala

Ted Eppel
Sasha Strauss

Bill Cooper
Marc Madou
Diego Rosso
Gregory Washington

Information and Computer Science
Bill Tomlinson

Erwin Chemerinsky

Warren Wiechmann

Physical Sciences
Vy Dong

Social Ecology
Charis Kubrin
Elizabeth Loftus
Richard Matthew
Sarah Pressman

OCTANe@UCI, in collaboration works with the Orange County Technology and Networking project to support technology transfer and Orange County economic development. The seminars that are offered below address issues relevant to business startups.


Personal Journeys: Choices made, difficulties encountered, commitments grasped and joys revealed.

This informal lunchtime series is designed to build and strengthen bonds between people who teach, learn and work together daily, and to foster understanding of how each of us embraces the UCI values.