Education 173: Cognition & Learning in Educational Settings (English)

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The research literature on cognitive processes relevant to teaching and learning is vast and fascinating. The purpose of this course is to introduce some of the many theories of learning and related topics useful to the design of instruction and to teaching practice.
Education Dept. | Education Sch. | University of California, Irvine
Keywords: Education,cognition,brain anatomy,educational settings,Teaching practice,assessment,cognitive development,memory,motivation,self-efficacy,human exceptionality
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Course Materials

Assessment Handouts_339 (English)
Assessment Slides_338 (English)
Behaviorism Handouts_299 (English)
Behaviorism_298 (English)
Brain and Learning Handouts_345 (English)
Brain and Learning Slides_344 (English)
Cognitive Development/Piaget Handouts_321 (English)
Cognitive Development/Piaget Slides_320 (English)
Cognitive Development/Vygotsky Handouts_323 (English)
Cognitive Development/Vygotsky Slides_322 (English)
Cognitive Processes Handouts_305 (English)
Cognitive Processes_304 (English)
Constructivism Handouts_318 (English)
Constructivism Slides_317 (English)
Course Syllabus_297 (English)
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Handouts_316 (English)
Critical Thinking Slides_314 (English)
Human Exceptionality Handouts_336 (English)
Human Exceptionality Slides_335 (English)
Instructional Strategies Handouts_348 (English)
Instructional Strategies Slides_347 (English)
Intelligence Handouts_342 (English)
Intelligence Slides_341 (English)
Memory Handouts_302 (English)
Memory_301 (English)
Metacognition Handouts_309 (English)
Metacognition Slides_308 (English)
Motivation--Attribution Theory Handouts_330 (English)
Motivation--Attribution Theory Slides_329 (English)
Motivation--Need Theories Handouts_328 (English)
Motivation--Need Theories Slides_326 (English)
Practice Quiz - Assessment_340 (English)
Practice Quiz - Behaviorism_300 (English)
Practice Quiz - Cognitive Development_324 (English)
Practice Quiz - Cognitive Processes_306 (English)
Practice Quiz - Constructivism_319 (English)
Practice Quiz - Human Exceptionality_337 (English)
Practice Quiz - Instructional Strategies_349 (English)
Practice Quiz - Intelligence_343 (English)
Practice Quiz - Memory_303 (English)
Practice Quiz - Metacognition_310 (English)
Practice Quiz - Motivation_331 (English)
Practice Quiz - Problem Solving_313 (English)
Practice Quiz - Self-Efficacy_334 (English)
Practice Quiz - The Brain and Learning_346 (English)
Practice Quizzes Multiple Choice Keys (first half of course)_325 (English)
Practice Quizzes Multiple Choice Keys (second half of course)_350 (English)
Problem Solving Handouts_312 (English)
Problem Solving_311 (English)
Self-Efficacy Handouts_333 (English)
Self-Efficacy Slides_332 (English)