International Studies 12: Global Issues & Institutions (English)

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International Studies 12: Global Issues & Institutions cross listed as Political Science 44A: Global Issues and Institutions. Global Issues and Institutions is an introductory survey course designed to introduce the students to numerous current issues confronting policy-makers, pundits, and concerned global citizens as well as to the international institutions that regularly cope with those same issues. Among the issues discussed are the following: nuclear politics, energy crisis, war, international terrorism, globalization, ethnic conflict, environmental degradation, development, debt, and dependence. At the end of the quarter students will be able to: (a) identify and describe some major political, economic, social, and environmental issues confronting the global community; (b) evaluate major threats to peace and stability in the world today; (c) understand the role of power and military force in global affairs and limitations to the use of force; and (d) evaluate the demographic, economic, and national aspects of development.
International Studies Dept. | Social Sciences Sch. | University of California, Irvine
Keywords: Nuclear Proliferation,Energy Crisis,Ethnic conflict,Peacekeeping,International Trade,Financial Globalization,Terrorism,Population Growth,Poverty,disease,cultural differences,environment
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Bojan Petrovic
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