Introduction to Project Management (English)

Course Information

This module is the introduction to the University Extension online course, Introduction to Project Management. Project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products within cost, schedule, and resource constraints. This intensive and hands-on course gives you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget while giving the user the product they expect. You will gain a strong working knowledge of the basics of project management and be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively manage work projects. At the end of the course you will be able to identify and manage the product scope, build a work breakdown structure, create a project plan, create the project budget, define and allocate resources, manage the project development, identify and manage risks, and understand the project procurement process.
UNEX Management Dept. | University Extension Sch. | University of California, Irvine
Keywords: OER,Project,Management,Earned Value Analysis,Communications Management,Risk Analysis,Response Development,Project Closure,Scope Statement,Conflict Resolution,Stakeholder Identification & Analysis,Sche
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