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Political Science 126C, US Immigration Policy, also cross listed as Chicano/Latino Studies 163, US immigration Policy. The United States is in the middle of a national debate over immigration policy and the outcomes of immigrant incorporation. The debate is not just taking place in the U.S. Congress, which has the power and responsibility to shape policy, but also in national politics, in state legislatures, and in community organizing. In some form, the current debate began in the early 1990s, but has achieved a new urgency in the last several years. Congress has debated significant legislative changes to immigration policy in 2005, 2006, and 2007, but these debates ended inconclusively which had the effect of raising even more the salience of immigration as a policy issue in the public’s mind. Congress will likely again debate immigration reform in 2009. Our goal in this class is to analyze what it will take for Congress to craft a “comprehensive” immigration reform. Although the need for comprehensive reform is debated (the status quo works for many in the society), the high level of popular dissatisfaction with current policies, the pressures put on the nation by demands for immigrant labor, and the high number of unauthorized migrants resident in the United States demonstrate the need for a thorough review of current policies.
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Keywords: US Immigration,Immigration Policy,US Congress,Political Science,Comprehensive Immigration reform
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Louis DeSipio Ph.D.
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Syllabus for Pol. Sci. 126C (English)
Obama and Biden: The Change We Need -- Immigration (English)
Douglas Massey, Caution: NAFTA at Work (English)
Michael Hoefer, Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population in the United States: January 2007 (English)
Nancy Rytina, Naturalizations in the United States: 2007 (English)
Roberto Gonzales, Wasted Talent and Broken Dreams: The Lost Potential of Undocumented Students (English)
Pew Hispanic Center, The State of American Public Opinion on Immigration in Spring 2006 (English)
Pew Hispanic Center, As Illegal Immigration Issue Heats Up: Hispanics Feel a Chill (English)
Lecture 1 (1-6-09) (English)
Lecture 2 (1-8-09), as delivered (English)
Lecture 3 (1-13-09), as delivered (English)
Lecture 4 (1-15-09) (English)
Extra Credit Opportunity -- Exhibit in the lobby of Langston Library (English)
Lecture 5 (1-22-09) (English)
Lecture 6 (1-27-09) (English)
Lecture 7 (1-29-09) (English)
Lecture 8 (2-3-09) (English)
Lecture 9 (2-5-09), as delivered (English)
Lecture 10 (2-10-09) (English)
Lecture 11 (2-17-09), as delivered (English)
Lecture 12 (2-19-09), as delivered (English)
Lecture 13 (2-24-09) (English)
Interior Enforcement (English)
Workplace enforcement (English)
Border Control (English)
National immigration restriction research and advocacy organizations (English)
Refugee Policy (English)
Guest worker programs (English)
Additional material on interior enforcement (English)
Point System Group (English)
Legalization Group (English)
Immigration Policy and International Security (English)
Naturalization (English)
State Governments (English)
Civil Liberties (English)
U.S. Trade Unions (English)
Government of Mexico (English)
Obama Administration (English)
Latino and Asian American Civil Rights Organizations (English)
National Immigrant Rights and Research Organizations (English)