Political Science 129: Latinos & 2008 Election (English)

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This course analyzes the strategies used by Latinos to influence outcomes in the 2008 Elections as well as efforts by candidates, campaigns, and political parties to mobilize Latino voters. We will use 2008 as a case study to analyze the broader influence of Latinos on U.S. electoral politics and to evaluate how the structure of contemporary U.S. elections benefits cohesive electorates and disadvantages more marginalized populations. The class will be organized around three broad themes. First, we will evaluate the influence of Latinos in recent elections. Second, we will analyze how electoral systems and structures create opportunities and barriers to Latino participation. Finally, we will assess how candidates understand the Latino electorate and shape their campaign structures and messages to reach out to Latinos.
Political Science Dept. | Social Sciences Sch. | University of California, Irvine
Keywords: Latinos,Latino American,2008 US Election,Electoral System,Latino electorates,Democrats,Republicans,Political Science
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Louis DeSipio Ph.D.
Political Science
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