Introduction to Pitch Systems in Tonal Music Part 05: Building a Diatonic Set with 3:2 Ratios (English)

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Recorded: Fall 2012

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Description: This presentation shows how 3:2 frequency ratios can be stacked to form a major scale (also known as a diatonic scale, diatonic collection, or diatonic set). Now we've progressed to the point of generating functional sets of frequencies--scales--using simple math and an understanding of how tonal pitch systems work. This kind of approach to creating a scale is known as Pythagorean tuning.

Required attribution: Crooks, John. Introduction to Pitch Systems in Tonal Music (UCI OpenCourseWare: University of California, Irvine), http://ocw.uci.edu/courses/introduction_to_pitch_systems_in_tonal_music.html [Access date]. License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

John Crooks
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