The Elevator Pitch (English)

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Entrepreneur Forum: The Elevator Pitch, recorded March 3, 2011.

The elevator pitch is the tip of your business spear, and the sharpest spear breaks through the most effectively in conveying the problem and the solutions your company can provide. In a society of 140 characters or less, how do you capture attention meaningfully and authentically? Chris Van Dusen, writer and speaker for entrepreneurs and startups, will help you identify and formulate the most succinct and relevant elevator pitch for your business. Chris Van Dusen is a tech enthusiast, remote-efficiency specialist and entrepreneur. He is the president of i-FFICIENCY, a consultancy he co-founded to help small businesses and startups leverage new technology in the sales process. Chris is also director of business development and new media for Rief Media, a full service marketing and communications firm. He contributes as a writer for Techzulu and other publications and speaks regularly on technology, new media and remote efficiency for business professionals.