Spotlight on TED/TEDx Talks by UCI Faculty

UCI Open – formerly UCI OpenCourseWare - strives to bring UC Irvine to the world by making course materials, lectures, conferences, and other academic content available for free online. We are now pleased to expand this mission with new collections, such as the TED/TEDx talks given by UCI faculty members and researchers in one convenient location on our website.

Warren Wiechmann, Associate Dean for Instructional Technologies at the UCI School of Medicine

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individuals whose ideas can inspire and enlighten global audiences. TED, a non-profit organization that originated in 1984 as a conference focusing on the intersection of technology, education, and design, has spawned a multitude of local TED-like events called TEDx, where the 'x' signifies a community-organized event showcasing local thinkers with ideas of global importance. In fact, many of the talks highlighted here were organized by UC Irvine students through TEDxUCIrvine.

Nearly every academic subject area at UCI is represented among the TED/TEDx talks given by UCI faculty members and researchers. The presentations cover such wide-ranging topics as the role of improvisational dance in breaking down borders, the growth of information technology in medicine, and the reliability (or lack thereof) of one's memory.

Globally-recognized UCI faculty members include Elizabeth Loftus, Distinguished Professor of Social Ecology speaking on ethical issues associated with false memories; Erwin Chemirinsky, Dean & Distinguished Professor of Law speaking on the U.S. Constitution; and Francisco Ayala, University and Bren Professor speaking on fundamental concepts of genetics. These and all the other TED/TEDx talks collected on our site will be sure to inspire future generations of learners.

Begin your own exploration of UCI's TED world here.

Watch: UCI Faculty TED/TEDx talks on YouTube.

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UCI offers nearly 50 massive open, online courses at Coursera in a variety of formats: on-demand (anytime) or cohort-based. UCI was an early adopter of MOOCs and a number of these offerings are based on open educational resources also available on this site.


In the first of a series of ZotTalks, we feature a short video by Prof. Charis Kubrin and Ph.D. candidate Adam Dunbar's discussion of the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal trials. ZotTalks are educational talks focused on securing crowd-funding for low-cost, high impact research and publication projects. Future subjects will display the breadth of research and curricular interests at UCI.

TED/TEDx Talks by UCI faculty

Many of our faculty have been invited speakers at a number of events, from TED Global (Professor Elizabeth Loftus) to locally organized ones, including TEDxUCIrvine and TEDxOrangeCoast. See our collection page with all 18 talks for a full listing. All TEDx talks carry a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license from

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