OCW Spotlight on Resources for the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET)

UCI OpenCourseWare (OCW) has been helping thousands of prospective California teachers prepare for the mathematics and science portions of the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET). The OCW Content features interactive diagnostic quizzes with accompanying instructional material to help test takers brush up on their knowledge.

Norma Jurado, who completed Science Subtest I, said,

"I simply loved the way each section of Subtest I was broken down with questions followed by detailed explanations. I’m old school and enjoy lecture style, in-classroom learning with professor-assigned coursework. This was as good as going to a classroom and listening to a college instructor. I’ve learned so much as a result of it. Thank you for providing the material/knowledge and supporting teachers like me."

Here is graphic evidence of the importance of OCW’s role in helping teachers prepare for their exams:

The spikes indicate the number of page views on the Friday before the exams were given and the red dots indicate the actual exam dates. This strongly suggests that test takers were doing some last-minute reviewing using OCW content. In September 2012, the exams became available via computer on any day of the year (rather than on fixed dates) so the heights of the spikes began to decrease as test takers began shifting to the computer option.

The spikes may have diminished, but visits to the CSET pages continue to comprise an important part of the total visits to the UCI OCW website.

How Do I Use This Site?

Keyword search and filtered search

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Hierarchical search

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Searching Conferences and Collections

Conferences and Collections are available simply through the pull-down menus. As we add more, we will introduce sub-menus to accommodate the expansion.

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