Spotlight on Open Education Week

for Open Education Week, UCI OpenCourseWare features Professor Michael Dennin, Interim Dean for Undergraduate Education profiled Einstein's General Relativity and Gravity

Michael Dennin, Professor of Physics and Astronomym, Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education

Why it's important: UCI has been at the forefront of open education for a number of years, particularly with its OpenChem initiative, which allows both our own students as well as learners everywhere to view the lecture classes offered in general, organic, and physical chemistry as well as select courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Professor Michael Dennin (Physics and Astronomy) is the interim dean for undergraduate education. But he is also a pioneer at our campus in the publication of OpenCourseWare. To his initial course (to login, choose guest access), Science from Superheroes to Global Warming, he has added Physics 3A, Basic Physics, and Physics 50, Math Methods.

Professor Dennin follows former Chancellor Michael Drake and Professor Ken Janda, Dean of the School of Physical Sciences as a spokesperson for the campus on the importance of fulfilling our public mission through projects such as open education. His video, like theirs is available on our site (see below) as well as on the global Open Education Week website.

Associated information: UCI is a member of the Open Education Consortium since 2007. Gary Matkin, dean of continuing education, distance learning and summer session, was its founding treasurer. Associate Dean Larry Cooperman serves as the president of the 300+ member consortium. UCI's UCIrvineOCW YouTube channel is the university's largest, with nearly 20,000 subscribers and 160,000 visits per month.

Watch: Professor Dennin's Open Education Week video can be seen below:

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