UCI OpenCourseWare Overview

The University of California, Irvine's OCW is a web-based repository of various UC Irvine courses, video lectures, seminars and other learning resources. A recent study found 12% of incoming UCI students had viewed OCW materials prior to enrolling at UCI.
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Recently Added OCW Courses:
      * BioSci M121, ESS 1, ESS 23, Math 2A, Math 2B
New OCW Courses Coming Soon:
      * Math 1A, Math 1B

How Do I Use This Site?

Keyword search and filtered search

keyword search image

After entering a term in the search field in the upper right side of any page, you will get a results screen. Here you will be provided the opportunity to further filter your results, including by type of resource (video, course, etc...) or by school and department.

Hierarchical search

The below image shows the step-by-step process for searching courses and lectures, but not conferences or collections, which are described in the next section. To search hierarchically, choose either Courses or Lectures (Step 1), select the appropriate school or program (Step 2), select the department or subcategory (Step 3) and then select the course or lecture (Step 4).

ocw hierarchical search

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Searching Conferences and Collections

Conferences and Collections are available simply through the pull-down menus. As we add more, we will introduce sub-menus to accommodate the expansion.

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