Spotlight on: CHEM 1A – General Chemistry

Just in time for the New Year (2016), UCI Open is featuring Dr. Amanda Holton’s course, General Chemistry (CHEM 1A). (Amanda Holton was formerly known as Amanda Brindley.)

Why it’s important: CHEM 1A is not only the first course that students take in UCI’s chemistry program, it is the most popular course on UCI Open’s YouTube site, thanks to high quality instruction provided by Dr. Holton. In fact, the first lecture in the CHEM 1A series has garnered 107,209 views (as of 12/21/2015) which makes it the most popular individual video on the entire UCI Open YouTube site! Dr. Holton is a veritable viral superstar!

Associated research: In addition to teaching chemistry, Dr. Holton is actively engaged in educational research including flipped classrooms, active learning, and online learning for chemistry and other subject areas. She earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Saginaw Valley State University in 2007 and then completed her master’s and doctorate degrees in biophysical chemistry at UC Irvine in 2012.

“I became interested in OpenCourseWare as an additional way to reach motivated students who want to learn material for a variety of reasons.” Says Dr. Holton. “Students access the course to help with their own classes, learn while being homeschooled, get a head start on classes, or simply learn about chemistry. Providing my lectures to these students has been incredibly rewarding. It is amazing to hear stories of students learning from my lectures around the world and in areas where access to this material is limited. Growing up in a rural community I know how important access to quality information is, and how difficult that can often be, and I'm am an enthusiastic supporter of programs like UCI Open (OCW) that help expand the reach of this information.”

UCI Open is equally enthusiastic in supporting innovative instructors like Dr. Holton as they help feed a world hungry for education.

Watch: View CHEM 1A on the following YouTube playlist:

CHEM 1A - General Chemistry

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