California Subject Examination for Teachers - Preparation Resources

California has many classroom vacancies in the fields of secondary mathematics and science - even during tough economic times. In conjuntion with the Hewlett Foundation and the Boeing Foundation, UC Irvine has prepared a set of online resources (organized as courses) to assist prospective secondary math and science teachers in passing the qualifying exams. The resources are free and available on UC Irvine's Canvas platform. No registration is required. The materials are presetned "as-is" with practice quizzes available for self-study.


  1. The current CSET exam format includes both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. Our review material includes only multiple-choice questions. For more information about the CSET exams, please visit the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing website.
  2. The science subtest topics have been realigned since this resource was originally developed. However, the content is still applicable and useful for review and self-study.

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