Public Health

Our most rapdily growing collection is in the area of public health. We are pleased to include the foundational course in public health, Public Health 200, as part of this collection. The collection also includes a series of lectures discussing global and local public health issues, plus a talk from the School of Biological Sciences on the growing problem of vaccine hesitancy. Other issues addressed in this collection range from public health in war zones to homelessness in Orange County. For those interested in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate education in publich health, check http://publichealth.uci.edu.

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PubHlth1: Principles of Public Health

PubHlth 91: Disparities in Health Care

PubHlth 194A: Clinical and Translational Research Preparatory I

PubHlth 195W: Public Health Practicum and Culminating Experience

Graduate Seminar in Public Health

Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Global Health Concerns and Issues

Public Health - Environmental Cleanup Partnerships in Washington State

Rural Hypertension in China

Stress and Health Disparities

Foundations of Public Health: Pub Hlth 200

The CUIDAR Program: A Community Based Early Intervention and Prevention Model for Children At Risk for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Diabetes at Hoag: Collaborative and Integrative Management

Grand Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical and Translational Science

Health Disparities and the Healthy Cities Program

Health Under Siege: The Gaza Model

Homelessness and Public Health in Orange County

Immunization Hesitancy: A Rising Tide that Challenges the Public Health

Infused Therapy in Medicare Patients Diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Malaria Elimination: Right Goal; Right Direction; Wrong Road?

Urban Mining and Disease Burden

The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health

Environment and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

EBOLA: Six Weeks in West Africa

The Costs of Exclusion: How Gender Inequality Stymies Global Development

Patient Satisfaction, Public Reporting, and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Nursing Home Care

The 2011 Van Earthquake in Turkey: Data to Inform Enhancing Resilience

Natural Disasters and Health Outcomes in Iceland: Population-Based Studies

Spatiotemporal Patterns in Malaria and Targeted Interventions in the Thailand-Myanmar Border Area

Engineers for Health: How Intersectoral Collaboration Decreases Injury and Disease

Understanding Health Equity in Public Policy

The Role of Food Safety & Regulation in Protecting Health as a Human Right

Persistence of the White Plague (Tuberculosis): An Infectious Disease Perspective of Public Health

Drivers' attitudes about bicyclists: roadway norms, implicit bias, and implications for safety

Health Disparities Research and Practice in a Changing Political Context: Hosted by Health and Justice Advocates at UCI

Disrupting Restrictive ID Policies To Promote Health Equity: Lessons Learned from a Community-Academic Research Partnership

Parent Engagement in Building Healthy School Environments

Food Insecurity in Orange County

The public health collection has both courses and all of the individual seminars from the Graduate Seminar since 2010.