Chem 51A. Lecture 08A. Organic Chemistry: Ch. 3. Hydrocarbons, Alcohols, Amines (English)

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These videos are part of a 28-lecture undergraduate level course titled "Organic Chemistry" taught at UC Irvine by Professor James S. Nowick in fall 2009. This course covers topics such as bonding and structures, acids and bases, organic molecules and functional groups, alkanes, stereochemistry, organic reactions, alkyl halides and nucleophilic substitution, alkyl halides and elimination reactions, and other various topics. The website for the class is https://eee.uci.edu/09f/40350/ . The course is titled Chem 51A and is the first of a three-quarter sequence comprising Chem 51A, Chem 51B, and Chem 51C.