Rethinking Mathematics Instruction: Online, Hybrid and Flipped Courses at UCI (English)

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Recorded on January 28, 2014.

Sarah E. Eichorn, Ph.D.

Modern technologies are rapidly changing our instructional capabilities. The millennial students are inundated with engafin technologies in their social lives and are clamoring for similar engagement in their academic courses. I will  share with you several innovative mathematics instruction initiatives being done at UCI to exploit these new technological capabilities and appeal to thes millenial learners. The projects include: Calculus course coordniation, online Pre-Calculus course, flipped class instruction (interchaning the lecture and the homework), Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Algebra and Pre-Calculus, and public course on "Society, Science, Survival: Lesson's from AMC's The Walking Dead".

Come learn about these teaching innovations, their implementation, and the assessment of the impact on student learning. We will also discuss future directions and what tomorrow's college math course might look like.

Sarah Eichhorn
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